Post delivery - Pre-work checklist

You're responsible for the safety of your workers at a post delivery company. You want them to do pre-work checks, but the amount of paperwork to process is of impracticable size. Let GetSurveyApp take over the work! It allows your co-workers to do the check using their mobile device and sync it to your database directly. They have a smoother operation and you can see the results and spot potential problems instantly!

Restaurant - Food quality survey

You run a restaurant downtown and would like to get feedback from your guests. How about printing a QR code on your menu? Your guests can scan the code using their mobile device and fill out a short survey on our mobile-friendly webpage. This is a cool and modern way of engaging your guests!

School - What do the parents think?

You are the head of a school, wanting to involve the parents of your pupils. Send them a survey about the lunch at school, the English or mathematics lessons, or even their impression of the schoolyard. You know how the parents feel about how things are going at your school, and give them the opportunity to come up with ideas and suggestions.

Mining company - Incident

Reporting incidents should be a common practice in a high-risk industry such as mining. You can use a survey to have employees report any type of incident from the pit. Our app runs on your explosion-proof device, whether it's iOS, Android or Windows Mobile. Make sure to start spotting danger early by making use of adequate reporting and trending in GetSurveyApp.