What question types are supported?

We support 5 types of questions, single select, multiple select, yes no, simple input and matrix. Simple input has further types as number, text and date. There is a special type (not really a question) which is called assignment, in which you can give imperative stuff.

What are nested / conditional questions?

Nested or conditional questions are the questions in which the following questions depend on the answer to the previous question.

What are hooks?

Hooks are a way to tap in to the survey data as an external service. In simple terms, say for example you have an application which you use to collect data in your organization. You also want to use surveyapp and the data it collects in your application. That is where hooks come into picture. Just provide a url, we will post the data everytime the survey is synced. At the moment we only provide microsoft service bus hook. In the coming days we will be adding more about hooks and how to use them.

What is custom mapping?

If you enable custom mapping, you would be able to map the question names with a code, which can then be used at the hooks end to get the data.

What kind of reports can I see?

We provide reports in different formats. Pie chards, bar charts, tables and excel exports. You can perform filtering as well.

Organizations and Users

What are roles?

There are three kinds of roles in an organization. "Admin", "User" and "Owner".
Owner is a person who creates the organization. He is also an admin by default. Within the context of the organization the Owner

  • can edit organization
  • can delete organization
  • can edit and delete all surveys
  • can give or remove admin rights to other users
  • can remove admins and users
He can invite admins and users to the organization. Other than the above two, he can do everything an admin can do.

An Admin
  • can create a survey
  • can edit all surveys
  • can only delete the survey that he has created (not all)
  • can view and delete records from the data collected in the survey
  • can export survey data
  • can take a survey
  • can invite users to the organization
  • can revoke invites
  • cannot remove owner of the organization
  • cannot remove other admins from the organization
  • cannot give or remove admin rights to other users
A User
  • can view the data from the survey
  • can take a survey
  • cannot invite anyone to the organization
  • cannot create, edit or delete any survey or survey data

I run an organization, I have 200 users, how do I import them?

Please contact us


How is it useful to me?

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I have some questions / feedback / bug reports. What should I do?

Please contact us. We will try to get back to you asap!

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